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More bb.sh troubleshooting

November 09, 2018 — John Schuster
after writing the last post I got this error in the terminal:

iconv: iconv_open(ascii//translit, utf-8): Invalid argument

this happens after I finish editing a post and bb.sh is processing it. Didn't occur when bb.sh was falling back to html posts, just after I got markdown working


after I read the manpage for iconv on the server and some online versions, the //translit flag doesn't work with the iconv on SDF. I removed that flag from the "ascii" output portion and the error no longer came up, and if you notice the filename of this post is now the title.

(and the '.' was removed from the title string as the above iconv call intended [sunglasses emoji])

Tags: unix, bb.sh, iconv, charset-conversion, sdf.org

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The Hits Keep Hitting

November 09, 2018 — John Schuster
added this bad boy to my .kshrc:

blogpost() {

  cd ~/html/blog

./bb.sh post


post from anywhere without typing any punctuation. talk about easy!

Tags: just-hacker-things, korn-shell, bashblog-2.8, unix

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